USG Sheetrock Easy Cover Coat Compound

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Premium cover compound for filling and finishing interior concrete surfaces, drywall tape, bead embedment and skim coating and texturing drywall. Cover Coat® Compound is a premium mixture ideally used for filling and smoothing above-grade, monolithic interior concrete ceilings and columns, embedding paper drywall tape or acting as the first fill coat on bead, trim and fasteners. The compound dries white for a quick, easy finish.

Cover Coat® Compound is available in a ready-mixed form so it can be applied immediately using standard drywall tools, without an extra bonding agent. The compound dries white, meaning it can be left to finish as-is or painted over.

  • For fill and finish coats over most concrete, drywall tape, and bead embedment
  • No extra bonding agent required
  • Dries to a white surface
  • Not washable without painting