Surface Shields Surface Sled For Carpets - High-Quality Carpet Furniture Sliders

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Move heavy furniture easily across carpeted surfaces with Surface Sleds. These high-quality carpet furniture sliders are reusable gliders and feature an extra smooth, flexible bottom that glides across carpeting, and a memory foam top that keeps furniture feet and heavy objects in place. These furniture moving pads protect carpet surfaces from tears and damage to carpeting. Surface Sleds are built to last and are formulated to handle your toughest jobs. They are made with a nearly unbreakable material. Add Surface Sled to your carpet protection kit. They’re available in various quantities and sizes for any size furniture.


1 ft Sled. (Pack of 4 Sleds)
4 ft Sled (Pack of 2 Sleds)
6 ft Sled (Pack of 2 Sleds)

• Provides plenty of padding to cushion heavy objects
• Felt bottom slides across hard surfaces
• Easily move furniture, appliances, office equipment
and more across tile and wood floors
• Easily moves heavy objects across carpeting
• Non-slip foam rubber top to pad heavy objects
• Extra smooth flexible bottom glides across carpeting
• Sturdy, nearly unbreakable construction