Skudo Door Defence - Purpose-built, weather & Impact-Resistant Solution

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Skudo’s new Door Defense is the perfect solution to protect doors from damage and impact during construction.

Unlike stop-gap solutions made from random materials, Skudo Door Defense is a purpose-built, weather- and impact-resistant solution. It does not easily tear, puncture, or rip. Velcro tabs (included) secure the Door Defense firmly in place, so it will not come loose and require multiple installations over the duration of the project, saving you time and money.

Skudo Door Defense is fire/flame retardant, reusable, and made from recycled materials.


Product SKU: DOOR-70-30
84 inches x 36 inches
5 lbs. / piece
5 pieces / 30 lbs. per box
Color: Blue Denim


Simply release the Velcro straps and slide the Door Defense off the door.

Door Defense can be easily folded and stored away for use on your next project.