MONOKOTE Z-106/HY Portland Cement Based Cementitious Fireproofing.

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MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® is Portland cement based cementitious fireproofing designed to meet specific commercial and industrial fire protection requirements on structural steel members, floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies.

MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® is hard, moisture resistant and suitable for interior areas where resistance to moisture and abrasion is needed. Formulated for use with GCP’s patented Injection System, MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® offers high-yield and improved application characteristics while providing resistance to repeated physical contact and/or high humidity.

Product Applications

MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® can be used for interior, exposed applications where abrasion, high humidity and damage resistance are desired such as:

  • Special use areas in commercial buildings
  • Transportation terminals
  • Convention centers
  • Stairwells
  • Parking garages
  • Elevator shafts
  • Light manufacturing areas and facilities
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Gymnasiums and pool areas
  • Correctional facilities


MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® offers the following advantages to the architect, owner, applicator and building occupant.

  • Durability - 100% Portland cement binder provides increased durability in interior environments where high-traffic resistance to physical abuse is required.
  • Moisture resistant - Provides excellent resistance to high humidity and condensation.
  • Quick set - HY formulation allows use with GCP patented Injection System for high-yield and quick set.
  • Applicator friendly - Low pumping pressures allow use of small diameter hoses for increased maneuverability and greater pumping distances.
  • Non-toxic - The factory-mixed blend of common Portland cement and inert materials require only the addition of water for mixing and application.


Steel and Concrete Surfaces

  • Prior to the application of MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® Fireproofing, an inspection shall be made to determine that all steel and concrete surfaces are acceptable to receive fireproofing. The steel to be fireproofed shall be free of oil, grease, excess rolling compounds or lubricants, loose mill scale, excess rust, non-compatible primer, lock down agent or any other substance that will impair proper adhesion. Where necessary, the cleaning of steel surfaces to receive fireproofing shall be the responsibility of the general contractor.
  • Prior to application of MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY®, a bonding agent approved by the fireproofing manufacturer shall be applied to all substrates to receive Z-106/HY®. There are two exceptions to this requirement;
    1. no bonding agent is required when MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® is applied uninjected to bare steel, and
    2. no bonding agent is required when bond tests run in accordance to the Coatings Materials section of the Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance Directory Volume 1, which indicate that a bonding agent is not required for MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY® in conjunction with the specific primed or painted structural steel.
  • The project architect shall determine if the painted/primed structural steel to receive fireproofing has been tested in accordance with ASTM E119, to provide the required fire resistance rating.
  • No fireproofing shall be applied prior to completion of concrete work on steel decking.
  • Fireproofing to the underside of roof deck assemblies shall be done only after roofing application is complete and roof traffic has ceased.


Performance Characteristics

Dry density, minimum average 22 pcf (350 kg/m3) See note below** ASTM E605
Bond strength 2,000 psf (94.5 kN/m2) 2,691 psf (127 kN/m2) ASTM E736
Compression, 10% deformation 100 psi (680 KPa) 118 psi (813 KPa) ASTM E761
Bond impact No cracking, spalling or delamination No cracking, spalling or delamination ASTM E760
Deflection No cracking, spalling or delamination No cracking, spalling or delamination ASTM E759
Air erosion Max 0.000 gr/ft2 (0.00 gr/m2) 0.000 gr/ft2 (0.00 gr/m2) ASTM E859
High velocity air erosion No continued erosion after 4 hours No continued erosion after 4 hours ASTM E859
Bond impact No cracking, spalling or delamination No cracking, spalling or delamination ASTM E760
Resistance to mold growth No growth after 28 days No growth after 28 days ASTM G21
Surface burning characteristics Flame spread = 0
Smoke developed = 0
Flame spread = 0
Smoke developed = 0

* Actual laboratory tested values meet or exceed GCP's recommended value. Test reports are available on request from your GCP sales representative.
** ASTM test methods modified where required, for high density, high performance products.