MONOKOTE Accelerator

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MONOKOTE® Accelerator is a custom blended form of alum (aluminum sulfate) powder designed to be mixed with water to form a syrup-like solution for injection into MONOKOTE® Fireproofing. The Injection process, developed by GCP Applied Technologies, injects the MONOKOTE® Accelerator into the flow of the MONOKOTE® Fireproofing slurry prior to the material being applied to the substrate. The reaction between the MONOKOTE® Accelerator and MONOKOTE® decreases the set time of the MONOKOTE® Fireproofing, allowing for more passes per day, and can increase the yield per bag.


MONOKOTE® Accelerator is approved for use with the following MONOKOTE® Products:

  • MONOKOTE® MK-6/HY Extended Set
  • MONOKOTE® MK-10 HB Extended Set
  • MONOKOTE® MK-1000 HB
  • MONOKOTE® MK-1000 HB Extended Set
  • MONOKOTE® Z-3306/G

The injection process can also be used to reduce the set time of MONOKOTE® Z-106/HY, MONOKOTE® Z-106/G, and MONOKOTE® MK-6s. Increased yield is not a benefit of the injection process with these products.

Features & Benefits

The following benefits can be realized by using MONOKOTE® Accelerator during the application process.

  • Increases Yield of the MONOKOTE® Fireproofing
  • Increased hangability of MONOKOTE® Fireproofing
  • Reduced set times of the applied MONOKOTE® Fireproofing
  • Increases application productivity

Delivery & Storage

MONOKOTE® Accelerator is supplied in bags. The material shall be kept dry until ready for use. The bags of material shall be kept off the ground, under cover and away from sweating walls and other damp surfaces.