Karnak 321 K-NRG SEAL VP (Various Sizes)

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321 K-NRG Seal™ VP is a liquid applied, elastomeric membrane designed to provide a vapor permeable air & water barrier when applied to above-grade wall assemblies. This product is a single-component, water-based acrylic coating that cures to a tough monolithic rubber-like membrane with expansion and contraction properties, which resists air leakage. 321 K-NRG Seal VP incorporates antimicrobial technology to produce a mold resistant membrane that passes stringent NFPA 285 Fire Test.


55 gallon drums
5 gallon pails


Monolithic, vapor permeable, elastomeric membrane for above-grade wall applications

Easily applies by spray application, roller or brush

Integral mold resistant formulation

High water vapor permeance provides “breather” characteristics

Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as exterior gypsum boards,CMU, concrete, stone, wood and metal – can be applied to damp concrete

Passes NFPA 285 Fire Test – Exceeds ASTM E2178 and ASTM E2357