Advantech Sheathing Panel - 5/8 in x 4 ft. x 8 ft.

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Oriented strand board (OSB) and traditional plywood* simply can’t compare. What’s inside AdvanTech® sheathing panels makes all the difference: moisture-resistant resin technology resists the damaging effects of weather during construction and over time and is Structural 1 rated to provide excellent shear resistance and added strength to your walls and roofs. Protect your build with the lasting durability of AdvanTech sheathing. 

Designed for longer exposure during construction, AdvanTech® sheathing is backed by a 500-day weather resistance guarantee1. Unlike traditional OSB and plywood, it is engineered to resist swelling, cupping and delamination. 

Unlike traditional OSB or plywood, AdvanTech® panels are built to a higher standard with an Evaluation Service Report2 documenting above-code performance for strength, stiffness and fastener-holding power. So you can count on panels to install flat. These values are documented in ESR-1785.3 Visit for the full report. 

Provides up to 10 percent more allowable shear strength than rated sheathing with the same thickness and nailing pattern. Designed for greater resistance to wind and seismic loads in roof applications. Ideal for regions with heavy wind, rain, snow and ice.