Karnak 97 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating (Various Sizes)

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97 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is made of selected asphalts and pigment flakes of pure aluminum blended with refined solvents and reinforcing fibers for heavy duty service. When 97 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is applied to the roof, the aluminum flakes leaf to the surface providing a reflective metallic shield over the base of the coating.

A. The asphaltic oils in the roof are protected from harmful intense rays of the sun by the reflective properties of the aluminum. Over 50% of the sun’s rays are reflected by this aluminum shield, thereby preventing these oils from being “cooked” out of the roof substrate. The coating, therefore, retains its resilient characteristics and will not prematurely crack or dry out.

B. During the hot summer months, 97 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating will help reduce indoor building temperatures and improve inside living and working conditions. Be reflecting the sun’s rays and reducing roof surface temperatures. One coat of 97 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating will extend the life of modified bitumen membrane, not only by limiting fire-spread, (as indicated by the U.L. Class “A” Rating) but its high aluminum content and excellent reflectivity afford solar protection and weather durability. 97 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is U.L. Class A rated over specified Modified Bitumen Systems, UL Listing #Rl2l99 (N).


55 gallon drums 
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