Continuous Pumps


Designed for use with preblended mortars, underlayments, grouts and fireproofing. These pumps are ideal for applications that require continuous pumping or spraying in high volume.

Water is precisely controlled and measured then introduced into the mixing chamber to allow constant flow to the work area. Every bag will be consistent from start to finish with no cold joints.

Set the pump up once to set the proper water ratio and speed. Then, just keep feeding the preblended bags of material into the dry hopper. The cement and water ratio is automatically blended and sheared and the material being mixed and pumped is perfect all day long.

Clean up is minimal as the hopper can remain full of dry material, ready for the next day’s work. The water booster cleans out the hose quickly with minimal mess. Just start up the pump the next day and you are ready to go right where you left off the day before.

Our continuous pumps can be found in most places wherematerial needs to be mixed and pumped at a high rate aswell as high quality. IMER continuous pumps have set the standard on speed and performance.​

All the motors on our pumps are 100% duty cycle which means that they can run all day, every day.

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Progressive Cavity


When it comes to spraying and grouting, IMER has you covered. We manufacture a wide range of grout pumps with lots of options to fit just about any need. From patching fireproofing to spraying shotcrete.

We offer many different configurations, such as continuous pumps, to diesel powered piston pumps. Customize the pumps by adding attachments and accessories to suit your needs.

Our pumps are becoming the product of choice. It’s not just our products but it’s also our service and support that will keep you looking for ways to do more with our pumps.

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When you need more power to push through stiffer material, or you just need more volume, then look no further than the Step-Up 120 series of pumps.
Inverter technology on the single phase and brute strength on the 3 phase units make these pumps ideal for larger jobs. Industrial duty motors are designed to run all day without stopping. The volume of material which can be applied in one day is outstanding.
With the ability to handle aggregates up to 3/8” and 35% concentration, these pumps are extremely versatile. Pump or spray mortars, stuccos, grouts, restoration mortars, underlayment, fireproofing, waterproofings and many other materials.​

Newly added configurations help you to customize for any type of job. We can help you choose the right standard unit and parts needed to tackle any project.

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The most versatile of our pump line-up, easily suited for most applications when you need to mix and pump your materials consistently with higher volume. The Prestige is made to be used in tough conditions to supply the right amount of volume for your application.

Easy loading mixer height with hydraulic dump, pressure washer for easy clean-up, air compressor for your spraying applications are driven by the 3 cylinder diesel engine which will provide high torque to the hydraulic pump.

Designed for use with mortars, stuccos, grouts (up to 3/8” aggregate up to 35%), waterproofing, underlayment, repair mortars and fireproofing. ​

Install the high flow stator, 50mm hoses and add the shotcrete nozzle to spray large amounts of material for pools and walls.

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Piston Pumps


When you need 3/4” concrete then look no further than the Booster 15. This pump was built to provide up to 20 cubic yards per hour of concrete or for shotcrete applications.

​3 cylinder diesel engine provides maximum power to the pistons and “S” Valve for fluid constant pumping with minimal pulsation. 1000 PSI of pumping pressure ensures that long distance pumping is possible. ​

Ideal for pumping concrete from ready-mix trucks, self-consolidating concrete, grouts and shotcrete down to a low slump. An automatic greasing system is just one of the standard features you will find on the Booster.

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